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     We do confidence we are able to serve you with the high quality and specification product for your highly customer satisfaction because we have long term business with the world best leather supplier and seat cover maker.

We are one of the biggest leather importer in Thailand for our plants and Re-Export, using about 700,000 800,000 Sqft. / Monthly.

We are also one of the big top five buyers from GOSH/HOWE International Co., Ltd. from Australia, using about 500,000 Sqft. /Monthly.

We are one of the biggest plants of using genuine leather both from local and oversea tanney for local and export furniture and seat cover market using more than 1,000,000 Sqft./Monthly.

We are the expertise for manufacturer, the genuine leather furniture and car seat cover both for local and export more than 25 years already.

Most of our oversea market are Japan, Europe, and U.S.A our leathers are both local and oversea leather. In selection high quality materials supply and good workmanship in our production are our key policy in order to offer our customers


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